to the winners!
Wk 1 Jenny Smith
Wk 2 Leigh Goodman
Wk 3 Jo McCrea
Wk 4 Blair Stephenson
(RNZAF Auckland)
Wk 5 Vance Richardson
(Poverty Bay)
Wk 6 Stuart Paton
(Mt Maunganui)
Wk 7 Rowland Griffiths
(North Shore)      
Wk 8 Tracy Bary 
Wk 9 Bill Boon
Wk 10 Jenny Clarke
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Terms and Conditions

The TORO Mower Challenge runs for a period of 10 weeks from 1 October through to 9 December 2018.

The challenge will be split into 3 handicap divisions:

  • 12 and under
  • 12.1 – 24
  • 24.1 and over
Three division winners (and ties) will be identified each week of the Challenge and they’ll go into the draw for a TORO mower.

The TORO Mower Challenge is open to anyone who is an affiliated member of a golf club in New Zealand (anyone with a New Zealand Golf Handicap). To enter, all you need is your membership ID.


To be eligible to win

  • You must be an affiliated New Zealand Golf member (have a New Zealand Golf Handicap), and must have a membership ID.
  • You must complete all fields in the online entry form.
  • Employees of TORO NZ (Parkland Products Ltd), New Zealand Golf, and any New Zealand Golf District Association are not eligible to enter.
  • You must not have won the TORO Mower Challenge in previous years by having the best stableford score.
  • If you get the best adjusted stableford score over all other competitors in your handicap division in the TORO Mower Challenge you are eligible to win. A winner will be drawn at random by TORO NZ. In the situation of a tie, all players on the tied winning score will go in the draw.
  • You need to hand in your completed scorecard to the golf club as per usual.
  • In order for the score to be counted, you either need to have completed 18 holes, OR have two 9 hole rounds which are combined for handicapping (as a combined score) that were played within the same week – Monday to Sunday.
  • Scores are only eligible if they are entered "hole by hole" by the golf club.
  • You can join the TORO Mower Challenge in any week that it runs; although the sooner you join the more weeks you will be eligible to win. The last entry that will be accepted to the TORO Mower Challenge will be 9am Sunday 9 December 2018 as this is the last day of the TORO Mower Challenge.
  • You do not need to re-enter the TORO Mower Challenge every week, you will remain in the TORO Mower Challenge until its conclusion.

Recording TORO Mower Challenge scores

  • Following your round of golf, cards are returned to the club as per usual. It is then the golf club’s responsibility to upload the scores to the National Handicapping System. The best adjusted stableford score per handicap division is automatically determined by the National Handicapping System.
  • As this is a national competition, there is a calculation to your stableford score, taking in to consideration both par and course rating, therefore providing an equitable result.

  • E.g. Benjamin scores 37 points on a par 72 course with a course rating of 69.5. Greg scores 37 points on a par 71 course with a course rating of 71.1 To adjust these scores the following formula is used:
    Stableford score + (course rating minus par)
    Benjamin’s adjusted score becomes:
    37 + (69.5 – 72)
    37 + (-2.5) = 34.5
    Greg’s adjusted score becomes:
    37 + (71.1 – 71)
    37 + (0.1) = 37.1

  • In the TORO Mower Challenge, each "week" starts on Monday and concludes on the following Sunday. Cards must be entered by Wednesday morning at 12pm following the week that the round was played. For example, the first card entry deadline will be on Wednesday 3 October at 12pm – after week 1 of the TORO Mower Challenge has been completed.
  • The scorecard needs to be entered by the golf club into the National Handicapping System before the deadline in order to be eligible to win the TORO Mower Challenge. Scorecards entered after the weekly deadlines are not admissible, and are not eligible to win the TORO Mower Challenge.
  • Any scorecards not entered by golf clubs by 12pm Wednesday, following the week of play will not be eligible to participate in any week, or the final week the TORO Mower Challenge.
  • A record of the best adjusted stableford scores for each week will be displayed on the TORO Mower Challenge website and may also appear online at The best adjusted stableford scores will be publicly displayed, showing the players' name and club.

Winning the TORO Mower Challenge

  • The best adjusted stableford score from each handicap division will be entered in the weekly draw pool. A winner will then be randomly drawn from this pool. In the event that the best adjusted stableford score is tied with any other player(s) in a handicap category in the TORO Mower Challenge, then all tied players will be entered in the weekly pool.
  • You can only win a TORO Mower once. If you have won a TORO Mower in the TORO Mower Challenge this year, or any other years, and you win the TORO Mower Challenge again then the player with the next best adjusted stableford score will be declared the winner. If the next best adjusted stableford score is tied between one or more players, then a winner will be drawn at random by TORO NZ.
  • Judges decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Each week’s winners will be contacted on or after the following dates in 8 October, 15 October, 22 October, 29 October, 5 November, 12 November, 19 November, 26 November, 3 December and 10 December.
  • If you have won, you will be contacted via the contact details you submitted when you completed the TORO Mower Challenge entry form.
  • If you are the winner, TORO and New Zealand Golf, at their discretion, reserve the right to contact you, your club, and your marker to verify your scorecard.
  • Winners give their consent for their win to be publicised, and agree to take part in general publicity activities including but not limited to: press coverage, to be photographed and TV appearances (at TORO NZ’s and New Zealand Golf’s discretion), social media/digital.
  • A winner, or a selection of winners, may be contacted to be on the Holden Golf Show (at TORO NZ and New Zealand Golf’s discretion).

The TORO Mower Challenge prize

  • The prize for each week is a Toro Personal Pace Self Propelled Lawn Mower valued at $989 RRP (including GST).
  • If you are the winner, we will deliver your new mower to you for FREE – anywhere in New Zealand.
  • The prize is not transferable for cash or credit with TORO NZ or any of its distributors.
  • Judges decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.


  • Emails will be sent to all registrants with information including but not limited to TORO Mower Challenge winner updates and best adjusted stableford score updates. TORO NZ promise not to send too many, and you may unsubscribe from these at any time.
  • TORO NZ may from time to time, send you marketing information and special offers about its products, or information relevant to its products – for example, garden and lawn care tips. You are welcome to unsubscribe from these at any time.
  • Your details will be kept safe by TORO NZ and of course New Zealand Golf. They will not be sold or shared with any external party.

The TORO Mower Challenge is administered by

New Zealand Golf
(09) 485 3230
120 Abbotts Way

The New Zealand distributor of TORO is exclusively Parkland Products Ltd, 0800 807 333, 322 Rosedale Road, Albany, Auckland 0632 or visit