to the winners!
Wk 1 Jenny Smith
Wk 2 Leigh Goodman
Wk 3 Jo McCrea
Wk 4 Blair Stephenson
(RNZAF Auckland)
Wk 5 Vance Richardson
(Poverty Bay)
Wk 6 Stuart Paton
(Mt Maunganui)
Wk 7 Rowland Griffiths
(North Shore)      
Wk 8 Tracy Bary 
Wk 9 Bill Boon
Wk 10 Jenny Clarke
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About Toro

TORO - Mowers you'll love

With a century of innovation, Toro is the mower of choice for some of the best lawns in the world, including our own Eden Park and Kauri Cliffs. Toro mowers offer reliability, versatility and unmatched cutting performance. Choose from Ride On Mowers, Zero Turn Mowers for the ultimate in manoeuvrability and Wide-Cut Self-Propelled mowers that automatically adjust to your walking speed.

Self Propelled Mowers

Toro's self propelled wide ct powers are packed with features to make your lawn more beautiful - and mowing it more enjoyable. From powerful engines to the Personal Pace® drive system that automatically adjusts to your walking speed, you'll find everything you need in a Toro. The range includes the revolutionary new Personal Pace Recyclers and Baggers, and the 30" wide twin blade TimeMaster. See more at HERE.

Ride On Mowers

Toro Ride On Mowers, introducing the ultimate lifestyle property ride-on. Whether you're taming a rough grass paddock or wanting to manicure a bowling green-style lawn, the versatile Toro DH 210 has the operational features to make it a breeze. Check it out HERE.

Zero Turn Mowers

Toro Zero Turn Mowers allow you to cut your mowing time considerably, provide unmatched manoeuvrability for cutting around trees and landscaping, are powerful and durable for lasting performance and are designed for homeowners with exclusive, easy-to-use features. There are two model ranges - the easy to use TimeCutter models, ranging in deck size from 32" to 50", then there is the pro-inspired and super tough Titan range, available with 48" and 54" fabricated decks. See more HERE.